Saturday, February 29th, 2020
8pm-Midnite, Leap Year Day
at Recycled Propaganda
1114 S Main Street
Las Vegas Arts District


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The Liquid Concrete Air Band is an interactive audio visual noise orchestra. Anyone in attendance at one of its rare and improvisational performances is a member of the group. Participants are encouraged to set up interactive installations for group experimentation. The first LCAB gig was December 10, 1993, and there have been 14 shows performed, including every Leap Year since 1996. The 10th show was held on 10/10/10 starting at 10:10 am.

The 15th performance by the group will be Saturday, February 29, 2020, Leap Year Day at Recycled Propaganda in the Las Vegas Arts District.

Earplugs, drumsticks and a flashlight are good things to have at a Liquid Concrete Air Band show. Documentation of all kinds is encouraged. There is no centralized sound system, stage, schedule or song structure at the events. The performance slowly builds in waves over hours in a dense harmonic wall of sound that gradually dissipates as the performers eventually leave the venue. A good way to describe the less intense moments of audio would be the sound of a drum circle over feedback in a video game arcade. Recordings of peak moments tend to sound like white noise or hiss with no articulation.
FREE BYO! DIY! If you're planning on setting up a performance installation- whether it's a single instrument or a complex haze of deconstructed electronics- there are some things to consider. There is no centralized PA to plug into, participants bring their own amplification. The chosen venue will have some electrical outlets and tables to set up on, but it's good to bring as much of your own gear as possible, including stands, extension cords, power strips and cables as necessary. Delicate or quiet acoustic instruments will not be heard over the cascading din during a show's zenith unless amplified.
Instruments previously used at Liquid Concrete Air Band events include: telephones, tape decks, televisions, microphones, contact mics, homemade electronics, computers, guitars, basses, drums, violins, cello, effects units, amplifiers, samplers, synthesizers, scrap metal, steel drums, turntables, mixers, radio transmitters, sequencers, flutes, wind instruments, video projectors, movie projectors, slide projectors, lamps, tents, percussion, gongs, midi controllers, smoke alarms, radios, alarm clocks, video games, oscillators, harmonica, feedback, piano, theremin, liquid concrete & more.

Historical Documentation:

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