multimedia artist.
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I come from a multi-generational graphic design background and have decades of experience working in many mediums, including numerous emerging technologies over the years. This experience is too long to list, and in many ways is irrelevant as what is happening now is most important. But, please allow some context:

My late father ran a small advertising firm in Silicon Valley. They worked with many early tech companies and I learned hands-on graphic design tools as a child, and by my teens was a production artist working on client work. This was before computers were used in graphic production. I designed software product boxes, did all sorts of production on logos, and was directly involved in millions and millions of printed materials being created. One of my dad's best friends was art director at Atari in their heyday.

In the 1990s I was living in San Francisco's South of Market District. I created interactive CD-roms, websites, printed materials, videos, online games- you name it- often with new or unreleased software. I created multiple ads, videos or interactive presentations for Apple, Sun Microsystems, Hewlett-Packard, Macromedia and many others. My personal web work was added to the SF MOMA permanent collection three different times. A close friend was art director at WIRED magazine. Other friends won an Academy award for computer graphics.

In the decades that followed, I shifted my focus to working with small local businesses run by my friends, helping them create logos and visual branding, websites, digital ad campaigns, social media accounts, any and all printed materials, videos and more.

I understand the role graphic design plays in society at all levels. I am an expert at matching or mimicking any and all existing brands' visual identities, even without formal or proper hand offs of assets.

In spite of all of this history, it seems all that matters in today's world is what has most recently transpired. Here are some samples of recent projects:

Ted Terbolizard
Downtown Las Vegas

case study:
RKH Techonology

Buckeye, Arizona, 2021.
Character, world and font design for a mobile app focused on build-your-own robots in a 3D maze. Ongoing.
Software tools: Adobe Illustrator, Glyphs Mini, Blender


case study:

Las Vegas Arts District, Nevada, 2019-2021
I am a friend of the owner and on the payroll. Even though they are an Emmy-winning artist, there are still plenty of things to be done by contributors. I help with printed flyers, menus, social media, product photos, graphics & more.
tools: Adobe Illustrator, Blender, Samsung S7 camera

case study:
Blender App

Las Vegas, 2020-2021
December, 2020 I started learning blender app.
tools: Blender

case study:

Las Vegas, 2020-2021
Sketches mimicking existing social media campaigns
tools: Adobe Illustrator

case study:
Bands Las Vegas

Las Vegas, 2019
Website promoting local music groups
tools: html, css, Illustrator

case study:

San Francisco, 2011-2018
graphics for digital and print
tools: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator