Mixed media on plywood with epoxy resin, 72" x 72" in triptych panels, each 2'x 6'. From a series of 4, February, 2011. Wholesale price: $4,200 for three 2'x 6' panels.

Artists Statement:

These works reprise subject matter that I have visited recursively over the past decade. While confined to my own style, I still think in terms of historical reference; these pieces were made with full appreciation of the shapes and coloring of: Alphonso Mucha's illustrations of richly folded dress fabric; Georgia O'Keefe's Flowers and Patrick Nagel's Pop Art portraits. I've never worked in this large of format with this motif. Despite the large scale, I looked at the subject matter literally as an icon image, something that would read as a thumbnail image on a phone, or, quite clear from afar. Extensive studies on graph paper and on the computer reduced the graphic to elementary shapes. The three panel layout makes for easy storage, transport and installation, allowing multiple installation possiblities that lend different meaning in different configurations. The epoxy and plywood should stand up to fairly vigourous interaction and contact and should be treated and handled accordingly.

The first two of four total intended pieces in this series debuted February 12, 2011 in Oakland, California, at a Benefit for the San Francisco Sex Information Hotline entitled 'Burnlesque,' which featured a variety of adult themed performance artists. (www.burnlesque.com)

Previously, working with the same subject matter in series, from left to right:
24"x31" acrylic (1 shown of 4, 2002); 8"x8" mixed media on plywood (3 shown of 40, 2005); 4"x4" mixed media on plywood, (2 shown of 8, 2002).