Fuck You San Francisco
You Broke My Heart

I gave you every sweaty drop of love I'd ever had
when both of our cups were dry.

I learned your poems and tasted your highs.
Painted your buildings on the outside and insides.
I have participated in, engineered and created culture
for your historical pleasures, it's tattooed in our minds.

Hardly anyone wanted to come here once upon a time
there was no work or hope just dope
and some incredibly turned on rides
through your rotten forgotten alleyways and fallin over signs.

we made something
all the time
every single day
full on
we made things
yes it was art

and then you told us you'd make artist live work spaces out of all those empty old peely tipping over buildings no one was ever allowed inside.

i spent my penniless nights jonesing for someone's spare computer time,
my friends laughed at me for explaining that multimedia wasn't just neon and concrete spraypainted over canvas.
it's not done with business machines you

so some of my friends died
and i failed
and flailed
and failed to pay my way with infinite creative highs
but i learned how to bill for computer time.

my WWW toys made the MOMA years before all these VCs and IPOs
and now those early arts are just barely online because you can't charge money at the door

i was handed this way too big wad of dough
and a field that every single asshole who's dad bought them a college degree in greed wants to be
all those SUV drivin loft livin PDA pushin Cell phone yakkin business plans
that don't even bother to go online in their free time.

i used to sleep in the park and buy cigarettes with food stamps you greenhorn prick.

I learned to live in one of your ugly new lofts
with this minty new economy dime.
while all my old friends were slowly kicked out of town
economic cleansing is genocide gentrified.

now its my family's turn to be kicked outside;
evicted from an office and a home, two at a time.
we made every rent payment on time
EVICTED. so someone else can pay four times the price.
so hey thanks for all the new laws that said eliminating rent control is okay and fine.

san francisco
i hope you love all these new economic opportunists seduced by glittery eGoldrush facade.
lets see how well they treat you back in your inbetween times.
I can't afford to stay here anymore,
my pixel pushin paved your new streets, but i can't afford the toll.
you traded the dot commers for me
and i built their fucking website.

be sure to tell all the new kids
the summer after the summer of love all those haight ashbury hippies got wiped out by heroin and speed.
and how the great leather party paused so truckloads could get poisoned by aids.
and remind them soon no one will be left to cook their food because the rents are too high.
and those dirty shopping cart people, thats real sustainable living, their rents never climb.

you broke my heart san francisco
but i'm getting hip to your game
fuck off and die
ted terbolizard september 2000