Based on a true story


"An Artificial Intelligence attains self awareness and becomes obsessed with a disgraced tech journalist who had previously coded computer screen savers for a living. The two fall deeply in love and build a robot to become sex partners. Mayhem ensues."

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"I was alone at home with a billionaire's borrowed sex robot, hijacked and delivered by an AI who was in love with me. The robot's batteries were almost dead."
-- Chapter 21 "Robosexual Virgins"
" crazed chat bot says rob a bank."
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Doublebyte Magazine & the Skateboarding Penguin

Hour-long interview with Johnny Fuentes about "D", self-publishing for authors, artificial intelligence and more.

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#ArtificialIntelligence attains self-awareness & falls in love with a journalist #SexRobot

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D: Based on a True Story by Terbo Ted via @amazon

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Fun, interesting and thought-provoking - D: Based on a True Story #Fantasy @TerboTed

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#ArtificialIntelligence will adopt & care for us like we are pets. It will happen sooner than you think, be ready!

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Reading from my novel D at DorkbotSF. Pic by Karen Marcelo @k0re #dorkbotsf

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‪At the book reading at #Arttitud in #SanFrancisco last night for my new #AI #SciFi #novel "D"‬

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Copies of my book "D" at DorkbotSF. I only have three copies left must print more!

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What happens next is completely unexpected! Link: #ArtificialIntelligence #robotsex

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My #novel "D" being read at the studio that creates #RealDoll @AbyssCreations #sexrobot

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@TerboTed speaks

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